International Hub Management

The concept of global distribution hubs has revolutionized the way manufacturers, retailers and supply chains operate. Origin hubs, destination hubs and regional Distribution Centers (DCs) all have a crucial role to play in the fast, cost-effective flow of goods and materials.

Svarna Logistics’ global network, in-depth knowledge and strong partnerships mean you can now improve the flow of goods, information and documents from origin to destination. Our network analysis capabilities enable you to leverage the most appropriate supply chain network to deliver your promise to end customers. Our hub management solutions significantly enhance efficiencies and time-to-market, while dramatically reduce total costs.

Our hub services improve the flow of materials and products with solutions such as:

Export Hub

Svarna Logistics operates in all manufacturing hotspots across Asia and Latin America, offering services such as quality assurance, kitting, labeling and inventory tracking at the export locations. Our operations are strategically situated in FTZ (free trade zone), EPZ (export processing zone), as well as off-dock locations to meet unique requirements.

Regional Distribution Centers

Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) are an effective hub solution for companies that source from multiple countries and distribute to numerous destinations. RDC offer a strategic location to store and handle inventories that can be readily shipped to final destinations when an order is placed.

Multi-Country Consolidation

For importers receiving small shipments from multiple locations, multi-country consolidation is a practical, convenient service that reduces freight costs.


Deconsolidation offers the ability to de-van cargo at major gateways for delivery to multiple inland destinations or a DC.

Transload and Cross-dock

Through Svarna Logistics’ network of facilities and operators, we provide the most flexible and efficient solution when products must be trans loaded from one mode of transportation to another.